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Participant Exhibition PEACE

All pictures: ©Ainara Revuelta Pellicier

Ainara Revuelta Pellicier

born 1998, lives and works in Ordina, Llorts, Andorra


Primary and Secondary Education at the Andorran School of Ordino.
College at the Andorran School of “La Margine

2017-2018 - 
Second grade of Fine Arts at the Barcelona University, “Sant Jordi” faculty. Grade of Humanities at the “Universitat Oberta de Catalunya“.


Track and field: participation at the first Europe-an Olympic Games in Baku (2015) with the F.A.A.
Musical studies and piano, for five years.
15 years practicing Esbart; folkloric Catalan and Andorran dances.



The central point of interest of my paintings is nature, as the first and basic path of life.
As romantic painters did, I want to emphasise the relationship between nature and the human civilization. The pictorial result of the paintings allow contemplating them, making visible different points of view of small nooks of deeply forests, generating time to think. The presence of people watching them, makes visual and incorporates the sense of the real and physical separation of human and nature.