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All pictures: © Fabian Köttl

Fabian Köttl

Born 1996 and raised in Vöcklabruck,
                Upper Austria.

2012      Painting beginnings
2015      moving to Vienna and education
             Mediadesigner at the  Deutsche Pop
             Akademy Vienna 

2016      studies 'Bildende Kunst' Academy of
             Fine Arts Vienna begonnen and

             Class expanded pictorial space. 

`Ein privater Moment´, 2016, 50x50 cm, acrylic on canvas

`Die Helden des Alltags´, 2016, 40x30 cm, acryl on canvas


2017             Academy Walk, Academy of Fine Arts Vienna
May              GELD - Class Richter /Class Metzel, Vienna, Austria
Decembe       GELD - Class Richter / Class Metzel, Munich
2018             Academy Walk , Academy of Fine Arts Vienna

`The Progress´, 2017, 100x90 cm acryl on canvas