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"Life is an eternal experience. Thus, I always love to try and perform new methods, as a person and as an artist. I see art as my laboratory.
With my artworks I wish to create a free space for individual
interpretation. My objective is to stimulate people under a given topic; to shake them up and made them escape from their daily routine.
Therefore, I prefer to paint in public spaces, where the interaction with the observer has the greatest impact.
I use a multitude of techniques and materials: Spray cans, Acrylic paint, Markers, Stencil technique, Video art, Styrofoam Relief paintings and sculptures as well as luminous objects out of wood and glass.
For more than six years I have been experimenting with the light painting technique: A unique form of painting, in which I use a flashlight to create a chemical reaction on special coated canvas. The green-yellow glowing reaction is visible for around 2-7 minutes, depending on how dark the space is. With this technique it is possible to create a truly living painting.
It is thereby interesting to create an interactive experience with the audience. I create storylines, which are then illustrated and brought to life with this medium. As part of this performance I joggle with luminous objects, which in the dark seem to fly through the space.
I was born at the capital of Austria, Vienna, where I spent my postnatal years. At the age of nine, I was uprooted to France to my mother’s hometown spending ten years in the suburbs of Metz, whilst commuting back and forth to Vienna, where my father still lived. With sixteen, I had my first impulse on Graffiti writing. I was not spraying to tag my name everywhere. I rather had a goal to become an artist.
Due to frequent travels and admiration for different cultures, I have been able to experience a variety of styles while maintaining my personal point of view.
Nowadays I live and study in Vienna; a contemporary city full of urban and classic flavor in architecture, art and music, as a living monument of a mixed culture, in which most of my projects are currently taking place."


2016   Group exhibition in der Urban space Gallery, Austria
2015   Graffiti Show Webad Preis 2015 in der Gasometerhalle,
            Vienna, Austria
2014   Group exhibition `Friss oder Stirb` Allergikercafe,
            Vienna, Austria
            Works for Red Bull, Suzuki und Skoda
            Light Performance bei Tanz durch den Tag mit Sali
            Sfaction und A. Ander, Austria
2013   Participation at Linzer Pflasterspektake, Austria
            Facade Museum of the Photographie in Fischamend,
            Light painting Performance with Pianist Stefan
            Seelenwald für OFID, OPEC F and for International
            Development in Hofburg, Vienna, Austria
            Exhibition `Trojaner It could be you´ and Performance
            with Ulli Klepalski and Manuel Murel, in FROFF, Austria
2012   Graffiti Show für Nespresso
          Light painting Performance `Licht für die Welt Gala` in
          Völkerkundemuseum, Vienna, Austria
            Exbhibition `Helle Zukunft` in der Kunstprojektwerkstatt,
          Vienna, Austria
          Exhibition `Gehirnwäsche` im Cafe Xeno, Vienna, Austria
            Solo Exhibition `Bright future` in the Project
          `roomTöchter der Kunst`, Vienna, Austria
            Solo exhibition `Brainwash` in Cafe Xeno, Vienna,
2011   Group exhibition `Chillajam Festival` in the Loft, Austria
2010   Performance-art with light painting on Events and on the
          streets And creating other projects under the name
          Manuel Murel
2008   Group exhibition Inoperable in New York, USA
          Group exhibition `Addictive` Sioseh 32, Vienna, Austria
2007   Exhibition `Exfreedom` with the artist Questionmark in
          the Spot, Vienna, Austria
2006   Group exhibition in the Museumsquartier `Die lesbare
          Stadt`, Vienna, Austria

Manuel Murel, `The devided land´, 2016, spray can & dispersion on wall, 10 x 4 m
Manuel Murel, `Big Frog´, 2011, spray can & dispersion on wall, 11 x 6 m
Manuel Murel, Pink Glasses, 2015, objectframe with styrodur, pink film and paper, 60 x 50 cm
Manuel Murel, `Colourful death´, 2015, digital work
Manuel Murel, `Spiky Love´, 2009, Installation with barbwire
Manuel Murel, `Donau canal cocktail´, spray can and dispersion on wall, 1,5 x 1,5 m